Black RidersBlack Riders

25 years ago, in a small city in Northern Portugal called Felgueiras, Carlos Sampaio -a local entrepreneur- had an idea. He dreamt of the possibility of creating a shoe factory from scratch that would encompass his very own principles: honesty, effort and respect. Throughout years of determination and hard-work he saw his dream come true and it became the unique factory that it is today: fully environmentally integrated, committed to its workers and devoted to the highest quality – a personal motto of the Sampaio family.

The enormous experience of these last years has strengthened our motivation to continue growing and dreaming. This is why Nuno succeeded his father Carlos and looks to the future with optimism. He knows that the key to success and the best advertising campaign possible is work well done, effort, quality and our customers’ satisfaction.

As a result of the natural transition of the factory, 10 years ago we decided to demonstrate our faith in innovation by launching our own brand: Black Riders. Not only have we worked in Spain since 2009, but we also aim to conquer the whole of Europe. This may be a risky undertaking, but it certainly is an exciting one. And, most importantly, we strongly believe in the brand and we have thrown ourselves into its fulfilment. Because we are not interested in easy success, as we believe that only hard work and dedication make it all worthwhile. Because when we face obstacles in life, there is only one choice: to keep walking. For these reasons we continue our work, so we can walk the path that lies ahead of us in the best possible shoes.